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2018 Volkswagen Saveiro Review and Price

2018 Volkswagen Saveiro Review and Price - What is this?: This is the fourth update of the third generation of the Volkswagen goal-based pick-up. This third generation of the Saveiro arose in January 2010, received a first restyling in July 2013, adopted a second restyling in November 2014, and expanded the range in October 2015. This fourth update of the Saveiro joins the renovations that have just received the 2018 goal and the 2018 Voyage. It is imported from Brazil and is now for sale in our market.
2018 Volkswagen Saveiro Exterior
2016 Volkswagen Saveiro Exterior
2018 Volkswagen Saveiro Engine Output
There is no news. All versions maintain the engine veteran 1.6 8v 101HP. Only the Cross version differs by the engine 1.6 16v 110 HP, which already offered since last October. Five-speed, front-wheel drive manual box.

MOST: Prices fell between 10 thousand and 25 thousand pesos, with respect to the values of the previous Saveiro.

LEAST: The double cab version still has only two doors, which leaves behind the pick-up Compact with two rows of seats and girls: Fiat Strada (three doors), Renault Duster Oroch (four-door) and Fiat Bull (four-door).

2016 Volkswagen Saveiro Features
The single cabin version comes standard with dual front airbags, ABS with EBD brakes tires 15 inch sheet. The Cross version has tires of mixed use, marine canvas, brakes ABS Off Road, stability control, traction control, electronic differential lock,mirrors Mirrors electric, steering wheel adjustment adjustable in height and depth, rear parking sensor and five-inch multimedia screen.
2018 Volkswagen Saveiro Interior
2016 Volkswagen Saveiro Interior
2016 Volkswagen Saveiro Price
Saveiro Simple cabin Safety, 249.900 pesos; Saveiro cabin extended Safety,270,000 pesos; Saveiro cabin extended Pack High, 286.000 pesos; Saveiro cabin double Power, 280,000 pesos; Saveiro cabin Double Pack High, 295,000 pesos; Saveiro cabin Double Cross, 315,000 pesos. Warranty of three years or 100 thousand km.

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