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2018 BMW 216D Active Tourer Review

BMW 216D Active Tourer Review

BMW 216D Active Tourer Review - Representative weakest Series 2 Active Tourer has a three-cylinder turbo diesel under the bonnet of 1.5 liters driving the front wheels. The classic BMW Thus, this model is not technically nothing in common. How does he live?

BMW 216D Active Tourer exterior Review
BMW 216D Active Tourer Exterior

Active Tourer is the first of a family of newly conceived BMW. Their ranks, meanwhile, grew by prolonged Gran Tourer and on the same basis exiting the second generation X1. Construction with transverse engine and front-wheel drive is technically much closer than other Mini BMW - UKL2 platform is even shared with the Mini Clubman, as well as a variety of three- and four-cylinder engines.

The cheapest model, the petrol three-cylinder 218i (1.5 l / 100 kW) for 23.850 Euro, but we chose to test 216D diesel three-cylinder engine (1.5 l / 85 kW) for a price of 25.870 Euro. Czech drivers would certainly be more four-cylinder two-liter 218d 110 kW, but it is against more expensive diesel by 2108. So it begs the question directly - just basic Active Tourer engine?

BMW 216D Active Tourer Review

The answer will not unnecessarily tense, so the engine is not quite sufficient and the money saved can safely invest in special equipment. But you'll be out of luck if you want to automat - 216D is the only motorization, which is produced only with manual transmission. While the characteristics of the engine well tuned automatic transmission.

BMW 216D Active Tourer engine Review
BMW 216D Active Tourer Engine

The engine, which is technically a half to three-liter six-cylinder BMW typical, exhibits properties which are characteristic three-cylinder diesel. The slowest speed has a sleepy, or Newton gradually gain a stronger haul, you'll get up to about 1,750 rpm, which is in accordance with specifications laid maximum torque. At higher speeds has vice versa surprising vigor, easy dialing and serves convincing performances. In this mode, but also quite significantly increases fuel consumption. In normal use is contrary 216D exemplary moderate, with a light foot can ride an average of 5 to 5.5 liters.

BMW 216D Active Tourer interior Review
BMW 216D Active Tourer interior

In terms of driving characteristics makes this BMW 216D Active Tourer is no room for criticism. The steering is precise and the car is stable in a straight line even when cornering. Maneuverability, by contrast, ranks among foremost MPV.

By the way, it is similar to the Active Tourer is variability, it is necessary to count one important thing: it is not a typical representative of the compact MPV. The interior of the BMW is a little tighter, conceptually closest to the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan and the only competitor from premium brands, Mercedes Class B.

The opinion of the author

BMW 216D Active Tourer version looking at a range of engine at first glance probably delivered. But if you do not expect from Active Tourer almost athletic performances that are able to provide more powerful engines, then this is an interesting option that will please a reasonable dynamism and low fuel consumption.

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