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2018 McLaren Sports Series Price and Release Date

2018 McLaren sports series price and release date

Is the McLaren group of companies sports car manufacturer, McLaren Automotive (Headquarters: United Kingdom Surrey, Executive Chairman: Ron Dennis) is, in the same series lineup, McLaren sports series to be the long-awaited new series is in production phase It announced that it has entered.

McLaren Automotive, in the company, which boasts the most advanced equipment in the British Walking "McLaren Production Center" (hereinafter, MPC), to start the production of sports series.

2018 McLaren sports series price and release date
2018 McLaren sports series price and release date

2018 McLaren sports series price and release date

New sports series applied to the McLaren family, luxury and is composed of a sports car that boasts a high-performance, following the debut to 570S Coupé is the vanguard, 540C Coupé, further model appeared plans in 2018 with a new body style I.

McLaren 570S Coupé that is first line out from the MPC, through a dealer in the UK, the first car to be commemoration is delivered to the original user who is waiting for the arrival of the vehicle.

In McLaren models, the most easily available sport series, and have had an order that already more than 1,000 from all over the world of dealers.

This new sport series is the fact that advances in the production phase, still one page as a new history for history is shallow McLaren Automotive is engraved.

Also existing Ultimate series, super series, and by this sport series is added, so that the McLaren own strategy that consists of classifying the three series is completed.

2018 McLaren sports series price

In 2018 the entire lineup of sport series appear all together, it is expected that McLaren Automotive's annual production volume to grow to the current more than twice the 4,000 scale manufacturers.

It should be noted that vehicle base price of the sports series in UK 540C Coupé is $177.391 from (tax included), 570S Coupé is made from $207.227 (including tax).

Global Sales & Marketing Executive Director of McLaren Automotive, Mr. Jorion Nash (Jolyon Nash), the start of "sports series of productions, said that an important milestone for McLaren Automotive.

In the history shallow McLaren, at the core to this, and the enthusiastic purchasing layer has produced a super car and hyper car to target.

In addition, McLaren's performance continued to grow from 2011, we have extended the operating profit and sales.

But sports series, we have a new demographic to target, it has become a model that McLaren has pioneered a new sports car market that was not entered so far.

For customers who purchase a sports series of models, and at the same time get experience the sense of unity with the breakthrough performance and machine that is common to all of McLaren models, feeling the practicality and different from the existing machine usability you'll be.

The sports series, will be able to contribute significantly to the long-term sustainability of McLaren "it commented.

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