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2018 Mercedes Benz V-Class Price

2018 Mercedes Benz V-Class

2018 Mercedes Benz V-class Review and Price - As a European minivan in 1998 for the first time primary V-Class, which was introduced in Japan, and a arrange freely sheet to square styling and widely quality interior space in the wide, it has created a segment of premium minivan.

Since then, in 2003 full model change of, it is subjected to some improvement in 2006 and 2011, seven or ride sheet layout, such as the right and left sides of the electric sliding door, and expansion of equipment to suit the needs of the Japanese vehicle users The I've been attempted.

According to the company, by these circumstances, and that became a long-selling model to more than 2 million units in cumulative sales.

Mercedes Benz V-class 2018 exterior Review
Mercedes Benz V-class 2018 Review

2016 Mercedes Benz V-class Review

The new 2018 Mercedes Benz V-class, even while inheriting the concept of V-Class ever, driving performance and the addition to the expansion of comfort, we aim to evolve in terms of safety and texture, the latest of the "Mercedes-Benz minivan It has a suitable premium feeling to the name of ".

It should be noted that the power train to be mounted on the same car, for all models, in order to conform to the "Post New Long-term Regulations" the most severe the difference is Japan in the world, 2.2-liter in-line four-cylinder BlueTEC engine plus the design as Japan specifications It has installed.

Mercedes-Benz, since the launch of the world's first diesel passenger car in 1936, consistently that has been promoting the improvement and advancement of diesel engine technology.

Incidentally Clean Diesel "BlueTEC" is a DPF (particulate filter), and then injecting a PM (particulate matter) aqueous urea solution to the exhaust gas to remove the "AdBlue (AdBlue)", was produced ammonia by thermal reaction Later, to generate a chemical reaction (reduction effects) in the SCR catalytic converter, which employs a diesel exhaust gas treatment system for reducing harmful NOS (nitrogen oxides).

Structured NOS reduction system using the urea aqueous solution, by placing a large cargo truck market to mount a large amount of exhaust of a diesel engine, it is a staple of the system, which in support of environmental performance, has gained a reputation from early 2000 It is.

In Mercedes, this and the latest-generation common rail system using piezo injectors, combinations and electronically controlled variable turbocharger maximum output 163PS (120kW), and is generating power performance of the maximum torque 380Nm.

Transmissions are equipped with a 7-speed A / T "7G-TRONIC PLUS", and improved fuel economy performance and comfort by utilizing the engine power effectively. Fuel consumption is a maximum of + 125% * improvement compared with the 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine of 15.3km / L (JC08 mode) and predecessor. * Internal reference value

Taking the same car V class, as a vehicle body frame and the power system of the package, we adopted a conservative FR (front-engine, rear-wheel drive) layout.

The advantages of FR layout is in the engine and the front wheel position is determined freely, it is possible to sufficiently secure the cutting angle of the crushable zone and the front wheels, thereby improving the ease and safety maneuverability.

Moreover, since the transmitted to the driving force is the road surface irrespective of the passenger number and load capacity, and is excellent in running stability. In addition, long propeller shaft of acceleration and deceleration shock and noise, to reduce vibration, high-quality ride can also be secured.

In addition to the underbody, the adopted the "AGILITY CONTROL suspension *" have a reputation than lately.

Front McPherson type, rear on an independent suspension type with semi-trailing arms, and by adopting a stabilizer as well as low down, by decreasing the roll to achieve high running stability.

Furthermore, it employs a selective damping system for adjusting the damping force according to traveling conditions, a comfortable ride in the normal running reduces the hydraulic resistance against sudden input such as during hard cornering maximum is attenuated It exerts a force. The standard equipment on all models except the * V 220 d TREND

On the other hand, Exterior V class, bonnet of sculptural Arrow shapes, contiguous with the radiator grille which arranged the three-pointed star in the center, forming a Mercedes seems sublime front mask.

The headlight, adopted the "LED intelligent light system *" to switch automatically light distribution mode according to the driving situation and weather.

In addition, side view, to produce a dynamism like flowing three-dimensional two character lines that extend from the front. The standard equipment on all models except the * V 220 d TREND

Indoor space, seat, steering wheel, as well as to adopt a high-quality materials that have been carefully selected to everywhere such as a shift lever, such as nappa leather * 1, the interior trim of large dynamic configuration of the area, highlighting the widely show and at the same time classy space did. By indirect lighting in addition, it is also adopted ambient light * 2 to foster a luxurious atmosphere at night in the room. * 1 V 220 d AVANTGARDE Extra-long and package options set to, * as standard to 2 V 220 d AVANTGARDE long and V 220 d AVANTGARDE Extra-long.

Sheet, robust second column to a flat floor of adopting the seat rail independent sheet, the third column arranged bench seat, aimed at the high comfort ensured even in long-distance drive.

Sheet layout, use because it has adopted a detachable sheet, you can state that sit facing the rear seat passenger five people by setting the second row backwards, spacious room with the rear seats in 2 seat only To or the show fur-driven specification has, as can be loaded with cargo by removing all of the second and third columns, colorfully possible to arrange according to the application.

Even though equipped with a high "retractable center table *" also convenience, safety in order to achieve at a high level, the second column and third column of the three-point seat belts on all sheets are integrated there. The package option set to * V 220 d AVANTGARDE Extra-long

In the interior of the air-conditioning environment, it can be independently temperature setting in the front seat left and right and the rear seat. Combined temperature and automatically adjusts the air volume "Climate Control (front seat left and right independent adjustment) * 1 and the rear seat-only climate control" was adopted to the setting.

And it is placed in the back seat, in order to improve all of the passenger comfort, and with each of the second row and outlet for the third column to the roof trim and feet. Also to enhance the comfort of the seat surface and a seat back "sheet ventilator * 2" is also set. * 1V 220 d TREND on all models, with the exception of the standard equipment * 2 V 220 d AVANTGARDE Extra-long and package options set to.

Mercedes Benz V-class 2018 interior Review
Mercedes Benz V-class 2018 Review

2018 Mercedes Benz V-class Review

The luggage room, was adopted a convenient retractable rear window to the loading and unloading of small items can be opened and closed even in a narrow parking lot.

In addition to divide the luggage space of the normal seat arrangement up and down two "luggage room separator * 1" is also equipped. Luggage capacity * 2, the standard body "V 220 d TREND (trend)," "V 220 d" is 720 to 4,500 liters, of Long body "V 220 d AVANTGARDE (avant-garde) long" is 1,030 to 5,000 liters, Extra Long "V 220 d AVANTGARDE Extra-long (Extra Long)" of the body is 1,410 - 5,500 liters. * 1 V 220 d TREND on all models except the standard equipment * 2 All luggage capacity VDA method

In safety, it is equipped with equipment that embodies the "Safety & Comfort", which is a basic value of Mercedes-Benz. For example, long traveling time is detected by the driver fatigue and sleepiness more than 70 parameters to alert the attention decline to "Attention Assist", more stable by performing brake control of the vehicle one side of the crosswind during travel to support the traveling that was "cross-wind-assisted."

In addition, radar-type collision warning system "CPA (collision warning system)" to reduce the risk of rear-end collision, when the preceding vehicle was stopped while maintaining automatically the best vehicle-to-vehicle distance is stopped by decelerating the "distro Nick Plus" , maximize the blind spot area of ​​the door mirror can be monitored by radar to warn of danger "blind spot assist", warning the lane departure with slight vibration of the steering "lane keeping assist", the effect of safety equipment when we perceive the danger enhance the limited "PRE (pre) -SAFE (safe) ®" safe driving support to set up the system, "radar safety package *" advanced, including. The standard equipment in * V 220 d AVANTGARDE Extra-long. All cars on the package option settings except for the V 220 d AVANTGARDE Extra-long

In addition, to monitor the situation around the vehicle "360 ° camera system", to assist the parallel parking and garage by the automatic steering and brake function "active parking assist", with the obstacle in the ultrasonic sensors embedded in the front and rear bumper distance senses to warn of "parktronic" as standard equipment, to support the maneuverability large V class of parking and body size.

The infotainment system, audio, navigation, the "COMAND system" that enables intuitive touch pad the operation of phone and various functions and vehicle set standard equipment, audio, and has also been adopted, such as S-Class "Burmester (Burumesuta) ® surround sound system * "I was set. The standard equipment in * V 220 d AVANTGARDE long and V 220 d AVANTGARDE Extra-long

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