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2018 KIA Optima 1.7 CRDi Review

2018 KIA Optima 1.7 CRDi Review - Kia Optima is a new generation at a glance changed - like shapes under the hood engine 1.7 CRDi. Further exploration but reveals many changes. Succeeded?

In the new generation KIA Optima wants to be more targeted to European customers when the offer newly enriched estate. Meanwhile, we have to make do with the sedan, which is the body that the Czech market is not exactly twice as popular. Moreover, the engine is at the moment only - 1.7 CRDi turbodiesel engine with 104 kW. Diesel engine would however still had a dominant position in sales, so this is a logical step Kie. The portfolio extends extra time - the assumption of plug-in hybrid, and we even heard rumors of a two-liter turbodiesel. In Germany, it is then available-liter petrol with 120 kW.
2018 KIA Optima 1.7 CRDi Review
2018 KIA Optima

KIA Optima Interior Design

Kia was inspired by Volkswagen and shapes the next generation Optima much changed. The automaker admits it and says that the design did not need to radically change the look of the car because customers rated very positively.

Optima is by changing shape slightly stretched. Is equal to 10 mm longer than its predecessor, the same value is extended wheelbase and - to a total of 2.805 mm. Novelty is also about 25 mm wide (see 1.860 mm) and 10 mm higher (1.465 mm). Korean sedan but actually responds to the opponent - while the last generation we have lined up on the border between the middle and upper middle class, the current is a typical representative of the middle class.
2018 KIA Optima 1.7 CRDi Interior
2018 KIA Optima 1.7 CRDi Interior
This interior is completely changed. Center console to the driver shot reminiscent smaller KIA Cee'd replaced easily solved dashboard, which, with its horizontal excavation undoubtedly inspired in Munich. Shaded shading strip on the windshield or the shape of the gear selector lever are hints of the nineties, but otherwise the design according to the latest fashion.

Optima will please absolutely perfect workmanship and appropriate selection of materials, whether soft leather or plasticized plastics. In this regard, the Korean manufacturer must be at Ford could certainly learn something. Screen navigation and multimedia system (in a seven-inch base, with the top version) located on top of the dashboard is nice on the eyes, nimbly respond to instructions and help modern graphics and intuitive controls.

The seats are pretty comfortable, in a climactic version then the front next to the heating and ventilating offer, which was not on cars mainstream middle class is not exactly a standard function. Mostly higher but drivers will not mind a bit higher  - ceiling for them is somewhat close. The steering wheel could have a thicker rim, we also struggled a bit with lots of buttons. An interesting feature is the fact that heated the whole wreath and not just place the grip in the position of a quarter to three, as is customary.

Rear seats delight long enough cushion and knee room - here's a wheelbase stretched really know. With space for your head but it is worse because of the sloping roof. Yet here comfortably accommodate persons with a higher figure.

Ample space for passengers, but rather reduces the amount of luggage - it is great just 510 liters. Compared with representatives of luxury brands Optima is doing well, but mainstream opponent loses. It must Passat offers 586 liters and  Renault Talisman even 608 liters. The rear seat is folded somewhat awkwardly - is needed to pull the lever in the trunk, and then manually folded backrest.

KIA Optima 1.7 CRDi Engine Specs

The engine under the tradename 1.7 CRDi already know from the predecessor, compared to him, but there was a slight adjustments. The new turbocharger is a variable turbine geometry and an electronically controlled actuator or a new crankshaft gear. The result is on the one hand, a slight increase in power to 104 kW (+4 kW) and on the other side of the reduced noise level aggregate. Four-cylinder engine helped only about four kilowatts, but also about 20 .mu.m, resulting in a force of 340 .mu.m, which is available between 1750 to 2500 rpm.

2018 KIA Optima 1.7 CRDi engine specs
2018 KIA Optima 1.7 CRDi engine

Already its predecessor, we wrote that the unit will suit just calm drivers, which despite a slight strengthening changed. Not that force was inadequate during normal pace, just missing OPTI power reserve. Overtaking is so much a matter of a long deliberation, the highway climbs then losing steam, which often addresses the machine two degrees. The engine but otherwise cultivated, and his sound is well soundproofed.

While the predecessor bet on the six-speed automatic with hydrodynamic drive, novelty replace it with a newly developed dual-clutch transmission with seven levels. Against the manual after price 2.035 Euro.

In most cases, although change gears completely smooth, but just need to commute column and gradually slow, for which the machine when downshifting "reward" a slight twitch. Also take-offs are not exactly smooth, rapidly switching clutch mean sharp reactions that need to be maneuvering in the parking lot certainly pleased.

Transmission and while offers manual shifting via paddles on the steering wheel, but in practice it does make more sense. It allows only a slight correction, because if it wills automatic, shifts well alone. When accelerating to reach the limiter, the transmission itself discourages up above the 4,000 rpm. The driver in this area also ranked - in these revolutions had already waning power unit. It is a pity that Kia does not leave a conversion option entirely on his shoulders. Additionally, in response to the instruction manual they are not very agile.

Modernized continues to boast a low appetite. Highway movements meant 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers, equal to the value we got on the route combining evenly highway, county road and city. In urban environments count with eight liters. In addition, Optima exceedingly pleased by the giant fuel tank, 70 liter, that the middle class is definitely not a habit.

Poor power unit pity and cornering. The chassis formed McPherson struts up front and a double wishbone rear suspension Indeed Kie exceedingly success and a more powerful engine would certainly outsmarted. The car sits beautifully in a curve without the frantic work of stabilization and control dampens great inequality. In other words, it behaves exactly as you like by introducing car-cut.

The bodies are exaggerated and not tilt the chassis not hear any noise impacts even bigger potholes auto filters utterly summary - perhaps greater transverse unevenness can be revealed. We tried the car with additional electronically controlled chassis (with automatic braking and adaptive cruise control for 2.035 Euro), greater differences between the initial and sport settings but we have not seen.

When cornering agility pleased with the movements of the highway it is doing Optima worse. The weak engine has already been mentioned, it is also necessary to mention wind noise. While the arch is quiet, the front pillars echoes aerodynamic whiz who'd management of the car certainly did not expect.

Optima we tested in top equipment Premium, which at a price of 32.195 Euro offers a really wide gear. Bi-xenon headlamps its light output quite pleased (but did not impress much), parking camera to its low resolution really. Moreover, there is nothing covered, so in winter conditions was almost always covered with dirt. Adaptive Cruise Control then began to slow down far before the car in front of you, much sooner than would be needed. Similarly, careful monitoring was also blind spots.

KIA Optima 1.7 CRDi Pros and Cons

Previous Kia Optima was a gray mouse, not a bad car, you just could not downright enthusiastic about anything. In that largely continues successor, who without blinking car can be called Korean Passat. This is a completely hilarious work that in any of the disciplines he does not, but also downright impressed, nothing. Just such a choice of convenience than love.


  • Precious outer shapes
  • efficient engine
  • To tune the chassis
  • Large fuel tank
  • Rear knee room


  • average trunk
  • weak engine
  • aerodynamic noise
  • Little space inside the vertical

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