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2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI Review

2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI Review - Interior, Sure you know what this has to begin. And then there's 2018 Seat Toledo. It looks almost the same, and runs accordingly. So that not even descended from the same line in Mladá Boleslav. So why not interested in just about 2018 Toledo ? I personally would be clear.

I hate the gas with the crowd, I like to distinguish yourself and meet your own car a day after dozens, if not hundreds, it would probably like a woman, when the ball meets another four ladies in the same clothes. The second reason is that I like it more simply 2018 Toledo. Bow and stern of the aggressive acts or the actual design of the rear lights broader impression, which is exactly this model quite substantial.

Profile of cars, then nenadchne not offend, like the Skoda but it works very badly to "crossover" gap between tire and fender, contributing to the fact that whether the car puts on anything, it will be in spite of fairly lean body look small. In this case, it is seventeen rims. Would you say it?

The test car also has a packet FR-Line, which has in addition to these Dynamic color-contrasting mirrors, sportier mask and scuff plates, LED rear lights and tinted rear side windows, which certainly is not harmful. Sports styling carries over into the cab trim on the dash is my favorite "piano black" combined with black trim, red stitching on the seats and alcantara.

2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI Review
2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI Review

Where to put it ?

Influenced by discussions under driving impressions with Fiat Tipo. perhaps I can not even bent the topic, where the duo Toledo / Rapid included. I would not be a big deal with that - it is simply a small car, extending the proven models of higher category. From small cars gets endowed with the typical speech ride and spaciousness in the transverse direction, a longer wheelbase and a big suitcase attracts those interested in compacts with smaller budgets.

Analogously, for example, very popular and "Long" version of course does not mean that the vehicle moved a higher segment and the BMW 3 Long is thus still the middle and upper middle class instead. If the manufacturer wants to present itself as a compact car, to bet on price and boast a large sale, on the other hand must reckon with the fact that it could also happen that gets into comparative test with real compacts.And when he meets a need with the very tip to be about things happening ...

2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI  interior Review
2018 Seat Toledo interior

You will know at 2018 Toledo as soon as you sit in the interior. Kingdom hard plastics, which when touching the "ring". I almost feel like plastic or not black but rather gray. Then the dashboard does not add nor minimalist design. Black trim is trying situation together with discreet chrome trim rescue, but the impression remains embarrassed, especially when remembering the first and second generation Fabia. Optics customer Seat is actually all but "business as usual".

The steering wheel is holding quite well, but in accordance with a certain emotional charge that the Seat attempted in recent decades cause could be stronger wreath ordering is fast, precise and resistors in neutral, classic. I am very pleased with the seatback, it does have a slight lead in the bottom side of the fuselage, but above the narrow side and pushed me into the blades.

What tonnage terms, you hear it every day - narrow cabin impressed, even among subcompacts, conversely, if not for himself dwell on the rear seat, front knee still some centimeter left, which also applies to what headroom is concerned, there is " Test Note "but not touching.Suitcase liftback then one of the largest ratios on the lower middle.

2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI Engine

The test specimen possessed a powerful turbocharged with an output of 81 kW and a torque of 175 Nm, combined with manual system. It's actually the best possible option if you want it without automaton, a typical "driving" old school choice motorists. And as such, we will not disappoint.

So at least for the dynamics. Already a hundred below 10 indicates that Toledo will take quite briskly and road reality confirms it. Motor car trains better than his time mainstream atmospheric, its works only from 1500-1600 rpm, which is a slight delay spins the turbo and the car accelerates briskly. The engine can without knocking and choking almost to 1000 / min, but then forget some even a hint of dynamics.

Unfortunately, speech is typically efficiency took precedence over emotion and Seat relies on the flattest torque curve and power the engine has "electric motors" speech to 5,500 rpm, which visibly fades. With a little effort, you may notice a light recovery at about 4000 / min. Unfortunately, nature does not benefit nor unpleasant, growling sound. The only thing I can really enjoy it is by the standards of decent small cars dynamics of Toledo is quite easy to overtake, even though it is pretty hard to gearing. Furthermore, please minimal delay turbo mid-range and higher speeds and smooth onset dynamics without "kicks".

2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI engine test
2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI Engine

Given the nature of the car and engine. I would have expected a slightly better consumption. During the nineties Toledo said about 5.1 liters per 100 km at highway then about 7.1 liters of gasoline, although on a six speed range just below 3000 / min. This is incidentally exactly the same result as in the case of crossover Honda HR-V 96kW atmospheric, twisting 3500 / min!

Fun ride

SEAT were, with few exceptions, in an effort to make them "Alpha Volkswagen", always cars that managed to convey a pleasant driving experience, even if at the cost of some compromises in ride quality.Even for me it was a very pleasant surprise Toledo. Body liftback combined with a lightweight engine is causing just two good things - very slight bow, willingly throwing herself into the corners, and the stern, which will, on request, show "the dog pieces."

Under normal use, Toledo neutral and thoroughly "politically correct" - almost knows no understeer, leans just "that did not say" and tuning shock absorbers are German solid - missing although certain plavnost on longer inequalities also affected by the long wheelbase and rear overhang, but short inequality into the cab transferred to quite enough to transfer downright blunt hammer but occurs only rarely.

But when you press at Toledo, reflected a very interesting way imperfections tune. Seat will be slightly understeer, but still very handy, so you can use accurate, even of distant control, keep him on the edge of neutrality to light understeer, with which he handled so that sharply rotate the wheel backward. This causes an immediate reaction croup, which loses grip and starts to stand out, to return Toledo back to the desired direction before the stabilization notices that something sinister is going on.

It's really very funny and nowadays cars with up annoyingly perfect traction for quite a rare thing. The character of the car brand Seat as we had in recent years sought to instill VW, fits me perfectly. On the other hand, it is necessary to point out that it might less experienced driver during abrupt steering wheel moves a little scare, although ESP is always ready to intervene. While in the case of playfulness chassis they are for and against an unambiguous negative for the chassis is hopping and bouncing on the uneven broken.

Fun to drive, unfortunately spoiled annoyingly smooth running of the pedals when I took the place of boots on the classic management, I almost felt running the accelerator, the clutch it even worse. The same problem was also recently Touran, so maybe it'll be the concern broader problem ... I mean, advantage.

What further spoils the impression of driving 2018  Toledo is omnipresent noise. Is not particularly well-soundproofed engine or chassis and aerodynamic noise along with the onboard power not enjoy silence, only at different speeds will be the predominant cause of noises something else.

2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI Pros and Cons

2018 Seat Toledo 1.2 TSI left me a little mixed feelings. Then there is a "gray zone". With 81kW a Spanish liftback from Mlada Boleslav very decent dynamics, but also somewhat higher consumption than the 110k motor suited. Toledo can inspire enthusiastic driver playful chassis and agility, but less experienced driver could experience behind the wheel hard time due rear axle.


  • dynamic engine
  • Saratoga
  • Accurate sorting and management
  • Funny handling and agility
  • longitudinal space


  • Cheesy acting interior
  • Cabin noise
  • Tonnage in the transverse direction
  • The stability of the rear axle
  • Price
  • Higher fuel consumption

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